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Child custody is arguably the most important aspect of your divorce or family law case, but it can also be one of the most complex. In an ideal situation for both you and the other parent, custody of your children will be split 50-50; but the reality of divorce may be entirely different and requires great attention to detail.

If you are facing a complex child custody case, then allow our Oklahoma City family law attorneys to assist you. We are committed to resolving physical custody and legal custody disputes that benefit you and your children, even when complexities threaten to delay the process. Come learn what nearly 20 years of legal experience can do for you by contacting Mazaheri Law Firm today. Call us at 405-414-2222.

Oklahoma City Custody Lawyers

The many intricacies and troubles of day-to-day life can carry over into child custody cases. Issues that you personally experience may affect a judge’s decision when ruling on custody.

Things that can affect child custody agreements include:

  • Physical or Mental Health Concerns - A parent who is not physically healthy or mentally sound, based on a doctor’s diagnosis, may have difficulty obtaining child custody rights, even when they exhibit the best of parenting behaviors. Health complications also include substance abuse, such as alcoholism.

  • Relocation - Work or other interests may take you out of state or beyond international borders. Our law firm can focus on your needs as well as those of your children to set up a child custody agreement that takes distant relocation into account.

  • Domestic Violence - Divorce court judges will focus on removing a child from a potentially dangerous household. If you have a domestic violence conviction or a lengthy record of criminal activity, you may struggle to earn any custody rights without our help.

  • Military Service - Parents who are active in the military or are part of the military reserves can experience difficulty when attempting to earn custody rights following a divorce, especially if they are not in the country when the papers are filed.

  • Unmarried Parents - Child custody issues do not only arise from divorce. Sometimes unmarried parents will want to end their relationship and require a professional’s help to sort out custody.

When Parents Lose Custody - Third Party Custody

Courts usually prefer when child custody is given to both biological parents. However, when the parents prove to be unfit to care for a child or other challenging circumstances arise, a third party may be granted custody of the child. If a custody dispute occurs, a court may appoint a guardian ad litem to look out for the child's interests.

Third party custody can be granted in the following situations:

  • Both parents are incarcerated

  • Both parents are unfit to care for the child

  • Both parents have relinquished their custody rights

  • The child is being abused/neglected

We Can Simplify the Complex

At our law firm, we genuinely want to see you with your children, enjoying a happy life together. Our Oklahoma City child custody lawyers eagerly take on the challenge of a complex child custody dispute, knowing that we can help you find the right path to a beneficial, comfortable future. Contact us today and start talking about your case with our compassionate team.

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