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At Mazaheri Law Firm, we charge fees in several ways, depending on the type of case. During our first meeting, we would be happy to discuss our fees upfront and how they work for your particular case. It is our office policy not to quote our legal fees and/or Retainer unless you have had a consultation with an attorney at our office. Each case is uniquely different and we will have a better idea of cost and value of your case after an initial consultation. Even after an initial consultation, we may need more information or evidence to understand the true severity of your case. Read more about our legal fees below.

Types of Fees

Contingency Fees

The Mazaheri Law Firm takes some cases on a percentage, which means we retain the risk of collecting our legal fees if we recover something for you. Because taking a contingency fee case is a high-risk situation for our firm, we analyze the circumstances of your case, the type of case, and what stage of the case you are in prior to making a decision whether we will take on the case. The percentage may be lower in cases prior to a lawsuit, but may increase if we file a lawsuit, and will be higher if we ultimately take a case to trial.

Typically, we will not charge clients a legal fee at all in contingency arrangements. However, clients are responsible for expenses and out-of-pocket costs unless the attorney chooses to advance those costs. These costs can include the filing fee, court reporter expenses, expert fees, mediation costs, as well as other office-related costs.

Cases that we accept on a contingency fee basis: Plaintiff’s Personal Injury and some Plaintiff’s Employment Law.

Hourly Fees

For hourly fee cases, we require a Retainer to secure our legal services. A Retainer is similar to a deposit for our legal services. A Retainer is also called an “evergreen account” or “trust account” that should be regularly replenished so that the balance remains positive and allows the attorney to focus on servicing the client’s case. Our firm sends regular invoices to keep clients informed of their billing and has a billing administrator on staff to address any questions and concerns. In some circumstances, our firm offers payment plans secured by a client’s credit or debit card.

Cases that we accept on an hourly fee basis: Family Law, Immigration Law, some Plaintiff’s Employment, all Employment Law Defense, Business, Real Estate Defense, and Contract Work.

If you have questions about our fees, contact us at 405-414-2222.

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