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For some people, changing a name may become necessary to reflect a new life situation, such as a marriage or divorce. For others, a name change can be the result of personal preference or an identity change. Whatever your reasons for changing you or your child's name, Mazaheri Law Firm can guide you through the steps and help you move forward with a fresh start. Call us today at 405-414-2222.

Common reasons for changing a name:

  • After a divorce, women often go back to their maiden name

  • After a marriage, couples tend to want to share the same surname

  • Changing a child's name to match the mother or father's surname

  • Religious reasons

  • Major life change

  • Adoption

How to Legally Change Your Name in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, legal name changes are relatively straightforward. If you need assistance with the paperwork or to have a knowledgeable professional guide you through the process, contact our family law attorneys. We can explain the steps and help you understand the implications of the name change on you or your child's life.

Process for changing a name in Oklahoma:

  • You must be a resident of Oklahoma

  • File a petition with the court that includes the necessary documents

  • Request a court hearing with a judge

  • Notify a newspaper to publish the notice of your name change and submit this to the court

  • Change your name on all official records

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With help from our family law attorneys in Oklahoma City, we can make the process simple and hassle-free. If there are any obstacles that arise, we work quickly to resolve them so you can move forward with your new identity.

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