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What was deemed fair during your divorce might no longer be amicable years later. Lives change and the family law courts of Oklahoma understand and respect that you may need your divorce orders changed as well. To avoid legal pitfalls, troublesome complications, and unnecessary delays, you should work with our Oklahoma City family law attorneys from Mazaheri Law Firm. We can represent men and women in modification of custody and support orders. Whether you want to initiate a modification or challenge a request for modification, we can help.

With more than 19 years of combined legal experience, we are the trusted name in family law across Oklahoma. We are proud to have collected dozens of 5-star client testimonials that speak for our commitment and care given to each and every person that seeks out our services.

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What Can Be Modified After a Divorce & Why

All aspects of your divorce agreement should be created in such a way that neither spouse is put through undue hardship, emotionally or financially. When this fair balance is altered or disrupted, post-divorce modifications can be used to set things right again and restore the comfortable lifestyle you deserve.

We can help you request modifications of:

  • Child custody agreements

  • Visitation schedules

  • Spousal maintenance payments

  • Child support payments

  • Permitted relocations

Just as the court needs to hear a reasonable argument when divorce orders are first created, it must hear the same when creating a modification. Simply stating that you want to see a change will not likely not accomplish anything, other than losing time and money to court fees. You will need to show that a major life event has occurred that mandates a change to the divorce orders.

Examples of major life events (as recognized by Oklahoma family court):

  • Debilitating injury or illness

  • Remarriage

  • Unexpected job loss

  • Necessary relocation for career

  • One party wants to give up custody

  • Evidence of domestic violence

  • Parent refusing visitation

If a major life event has not occurred, you may still be able to change your divorce orders by working directly with your ex-spouse and creating a new agreement on your own terms. There is a clear chance that complications and difficulties could arise with this method. You should not agree to any impromptu changes without first reviewing the new contract with your family lawyer.

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Requesting a post-divorce modification to simplify your life will ideally be a painless process during which you and your ex-spouse can see the purpose of the changes. The reality of the situation is that you may be working with someone who stubbornly chooses to resist. Whether your case can be solved in the conference room or required courtroom litigation, our Oklahoma City divorce attorneys can be your advocates and representatives.

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