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When loved ones must enter into nursing homes, family members endeavor to find the best facility in which to place their trust. Nursing homes can betray this trust by physically and mentally abusing our loved ones. When a loved one is neglected at the hands of nursing home staff, it can leave family members with feelings of anger and distress.

Nursing home neglect can occur for various reasons including:

  • Inclination of facility to cut corners

  • Undertrained and inexperienced staff

  • Negligent or hostile workers

  • Understaffed and underfunded facilities

If your loved one has been abused while under the care of nursing home staff, our Oklahoma City nursing home abuse lawyers at the Mazaheri Law Firm can help. We have nearly two decades of experience and can help you seek justice for the suffering of your loved one. Our firm will work with you to understand what is happening and how the facility can be held accountable.


Types of Nursing Home Neglect

Oklahoma law mandates that every resident of a nursing home facility is entitled to basic rights and care that must be upheld at all times. Abuse or neglect occurs when nursing home staff fails to provide the care needed by residents to maintain a healthy standard of living. When a nursing home fails to ensure that their facility is properly managed, they can become liable for any harm experienced by their patients.

Nursing home abuse can occur when workers:

  • Fail to provide for adequate hydration or nutrition

  • Strike or physically harm residents

  • Ignore or needlessly delay a request for help

  • Yell at or verbally abuse residents

Residents who wander around or leave the premises (elopement) present another danger which nursing homes have a responsibility to prevent. Patients who wander the grounds may find themselves in unsafe situations and greatly increase the risk of accidents such as a slip and fall injury.

What to Do If You Suspect Neglect or Abuse

If your loved one is experiencing abuse, they can feel as if family members are among their only routes for legal action. It is vital to remain observant and document any sign of possible abuse when visiting your loved one.

Signs of neglect or abuse include:

  • Bed sores/pressure sores

  • Cuts or bruising of the skin

  • Sudden or dramatic weight loss

  • Depression or anxiety

Oklahoma law allows for the voluntary surveillance of resident’s living quarters. Patients cannot be prohibited from installing a private camera or recording device within their bedrooms, and nursing homes must make accommodations to ensure residents are able to do so. The video and audio recordings taken by these devices can be used as evidence in potential legal proceedings.


Compensation for Neglect or Abuse

If your loved one has been physically or emotionally abused by workers at a nursing home, you can pursue monetary compensation. Nursing homes must be held accountable when their actions cause harm to our loved ones. At the Mazaheri Law firm, we will do everything in our power to help protect the rights of your family. Let our Oklahoma City nursing home neglect attorneys help to fight for the legal restitution you and your family deserve.

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