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When You're In Love –Because the Future Is Never Certain


In a recent conference I attended, the divorce lawyer conducting the conference called himself the "champion for the over-privileged" and lent us some great tips on negotiating executive contracts in employment contracts. This got me thinking... employment is very much like a marriage – you hold all the cards in the beginning, when you and your partner (or employer) are "in love."

Parties will be more apt to negotiate reasonably when they genuinely want to begin work with each other. Having also handled divorce and custody cases, not to mention complaints and employee disputes, the above rings true. Some of the most difficult and emotional cases are those after a "break up" and you want to be sure that your expectations are clear and in writing before big changes affect your work environment or your relationship leave things unmanageable.

If you or someone you know has encountered the "love of their life" (whether an employer or a spouse), they should call a family lawyer to protect their best interests just in case a dispute arises. Our firm handles negotiations of contracts involving employment, real estate, and marriage. Contact us today for an appointment for a consultation with a family lawyer in Oklahoma City. We can come up with an innovative way of approaching your next commitment.

Benefits of a Prenuptial Agreement

Having a well-crafted prenuptial agreement prior to entering your marriage can be beneficial for many reasons.

  • Protect separate property during property division

  • Define separate and marital property

  • Decide how to handle debt

  • Decide on spousal support

  • Minimize conflict by saving money and time

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Start your marriage on the right foot with clearly defined roles and expectations of each spouse. Whether you currently have a large or small estate, or anticipate a high paying career in the future, everyone can benefit from having a prenup. Our Oklahoma City family law attorneys have vast experience helping clients draft customized prenuptial agreements that reflect their specific needs. We understand the unique issues that different couples face and can work closely with you and your spouse to create an agreement that can satisfy both parties. In the event of a divorce, we can also represent clients in enforcing marital agreements through litigation.

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