Sexual Harassment

at Work


Sexual harassment is highly underreported and more common than you think. Victims can be male or female, and the offenders can be a supervisor or colleague. If someone at work is making sexual advances and sexually inappropriate behavior towards you, speak up and take legal action immediately.

Examples of conduct that can be considered sexual harassment:

  • Making sexual innuendos and jokes

  • Sexual gestures

  • Offensive sexual remarks

  • Requesting sex in exchange for a promotion or condition of employment

  • Unwanted sexual contact

  • Asking sexually explicit questions

  • Sending sexual emails and notes

  • Retaliation due to brushing off unwanted advances

In some cases, there may be a fine line between sexual harassment and simple "joking." The bottom line is, if persistent actions by some individuals make you feel uncomfortable and has impaired your ability to work productively, it is important to take action. Talk to an attorney about your options and what you can do to make the behavior stop and hold the offenders accountable.

What To Do About Sexual Harassment at Work

If you are an employee who is the victim of sexual harassment, report the incident to your company's human resources department or supervisor. Many employers may have a policy regarding sexual harassment that you must follow before you can take legal action. If your employer has not taken any action to remedy the situation, one of our Oklahoma City employment lawyers can advocate for you and seek legal damages.

We can also provide legal advice to employers to minimize sexual harassment in the work environment. Our attorneys can review handbooks, rules, and work closely with management to provide adequate training for employees. We proactively prepare employers by taking preventative measures and by outlining clear disciplinary measures for workers who violate appropriate conduct.


Resolving Sexual Harassment Claims

Mazaheri Law Firm has been successful at resolving sexual harassment claims quickly and effectively for our clients. From negotiation to litigation, we personally navigate the legal waters and steer you towards a favorable outcome.

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