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The attorneys at the Mazaheri Law Firm are qualified and experienced in most legal situations reaching the litigation stage. Whether defending your rights in the courtroom, or keeping you out of there altogether, our attorneys take a strong lead in defending your case.The Mazaheri Law Firm offers legal services and representation in the areas of employment, immigration, family law, bankruptcy, and business advisement. Our law firm is a comparatively small but diverse firm, well-regarded for our knowledge of a wide range of legal issues and our client-centered, compassionate approach.

Dedication to clients' needs include frequent one-on-one meetings, honest and straight-forward assessments of legal matters, as well as knowing exactly where an individual case stands at all times. This gives the firm's clients peace of mind and a degree of comfort not found at less client-centered firms. To a Mazaheri Law Firm client, their attorney is a pillar of strength when times are tough. Mazaheri Law Firm stands apart from the flock because our attorneys are genuinely warm, accessible and compassionate people who are firm in our convictions and ready to stand by our ethics.

Confidence in a positive lawful outcome

We give you the resources and an objective outlook to attack your legal issue.

Our firm is multi-ethnic and multi-lingual, welcoming anyone who needs high quality legal representation. Though our practice areas are diverse, each attorney focuses on the intracies of their focused practice areas.

Our attorneys are knowledgable and efficient taking family law cases at our standard hourly rate. Our employment cases are evaluated and either billed hourly or taken on a contingency fee (we collect legal fees upon recovery). We take most personal injury cases at a contigency fee basis. Immigration cases are offered at a flat fee rate or hourly rate after a case evaluation. All other services may be offered through hourly or value billing on a case by case basis.

For more information download brochures by practice area below:

For more information access our Family and Divorce services brochure here.

For more information access our Employer services brochure here.

For more information access our Employee services brochure here.

For more information access our Immigration and DACA page here

For more information access our LGBT law and legal rights brochure here

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