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How do I File for Divorce in Oklahoma?

In order to file for divorce in Oklahoma, you must be a resident of the state for at least six months prior to filing for divorce. You can file in the county where either spouse resides. If one spouse lives in another state while one lives in Oklahoma, you should discuss your case with a skilled divorce lawyer to determine the more suitable state in which to file.

Requesting a Waiver of Service for Divorce

According to Oklahoma law, a dissolution of marriage can be agreed to with a waiver of summons. If two parties decide it is in their best interest to agree to property division, visitation and custody, they can resolve their case quickly and minimize the financial burden of attorney fees. Additionally, the time it takes to get a divorce is significantly reduced: Without children, a divorce can take as little as 10 days; With children, a divorce can happen in 90 days contingent upon the completion of a mandatory parenting course unless waived for good cause shown. However, in this type of divorce, an attorney can only ethically represent the interests of one party.

If the parties cannot come to an agreement, the divorce is considered a “contested” divorce, and the parties will have to commence filing a petition of dissolution of marriage through the process below.

The Oklahoma Divorce Process

So you’re getting a divorce and now your happily ever after is about to turn sour. We are here for you during this emotional loss to provide an objective view and guidance through the process. Let’s start with an explanation of the process from start to finish.

  1. Petition - Each divorce begins with the filing of a petition. Our petition will ask the judge for what you want out of the divorce and what grounds you are divorcing on.

  2. Answer – Maybe it was not your choice to divorce, but you are still required to answer once served with divorce papers. Contact us and we can help get additional time, if needed, to get your answer in appropriately.

  3. Temporary Order Hearing - Depending on the type of divorce you have, we will also ask for a Temporary Order hearing. The “TO hearing” will determine how your real and personal property will be split, custody, child support, and what a visitation schedule will look like prior to uncovering as much evidence as we can during the next step.

  4. Discovery - This is the process of discovering evidence to prove your case. We may send out questions to the opposing party, ask or subpoena documents, conduct depositions, and secure expert testimony during this time to prepare for trial.

  5. Mediation - Many times clients are open to voluntarily submitting to mediation to try to resolve their claims instead of taking the risk to see what a judge will do at trial. We encourage mediation in family law cases as these cases can be taxing, stressful, and subject to a broad range of judicial discretion.

  6. Trial - We help prepare you, witnesses, and evidence to present your case in the best light possible to the judge.


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