5 Questions to Ask Your Divorce Attorney During Your First Meeting

Seeking a divorce can be a stressful experience. Having the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney can help make the process go smoothly, and you won’t have to handle the complex legal issues on your own. During your initial consultation, there are several questions you should ask to help you better understand your case, as well as help you understand what benefits the divorce lawyer can provide.

Here Are 5 Categories of Questions You Should Ask at Your Initial Consultation:

1. Questions Regarding the Legal Fees & Strategies

At your first meeting, you should ask questions to understand the attorney’s fee structure and legal strategy for your case. This can help you gauge the attorney’s approach to your situation, as well as prepare you for the expenses you will need to pay throughout the process. While some divorce cases are settled out of court, more complicated divorce cases can take years to resolve and require costly litigation. Knowing your attorney’s legal fees up front can give you a better knowledge of how much you can expect to pay.

Some questions you can ask include:

  • Do you charge an hourly fee or a fixed fee?

  • Have you handled divorce cases in both mediation and litigation?

  • What is your strategy for my case?

  • Do you charge for time spent answering my questions?

2. Questions Regarding the Specific Aspects of Your Case

If your case is complex, or there are factors you are unsure about, it is important to ask your lawyer about these issues at your first meeting. This may involve questions about financial aspects, such as spousal support and child support payments, or other factors such as the division of assets and property, child custody and visitation, and possible name changes. In addition, if you have mortgage payments or a lot of debt, you can ask about how to divide these financial obligations.

Some questions you can ask include:

  • What are my options for obtaining custody of my child?

  • How will our debts and mortgage be paid off?

  • What amount of spousal support will I be able to obtain?

  • How will our property and assets be divided?

3. Questions Regarding Your Legal Options for Seeking a Divorce

Depending on your situation, there may be several options available to you as you pursue a divorce. You may be able to dissolve the marriage through mediation or an annulment. If the case is contested, you may have to pursue litigation and a formal court hearing to obtain a divorce. At your first meeting with your divorce attorney, you should ask questions about what options you have, as well as questions about the attorney’s experience with handling these various divorce proceedings.

Some questions you can ask include:

  • Can I obtain a divorce without having to go to court?

  • What is your approach to divorce litigation and contested cases?

  • Could I legally end my marriage with an annulment?

  • What is the best option for seeking a divorce in my case?

4. Questions Regarding the Divorce Process

Different states have different requirements for divorce. This includes complicated paperwork and other factors you must take into consideration. When speaking with your divorce attorney, you can ask questions to learn more about the specific requirements your state imposes, and how these could affect your case. An experienced divorce lawyer will have a thorough and up-to-date knowledge of state divorce laws, and will be able to discuss the important issues with you.

Some questions you can ask include:

  • Is there any extra paperwork I need to file in my state?

  • What are the specific requirements of my state to obtain a divorce?

  • Do I need to prove grounds for divorce?

  • What does the process look like, and can you estimate a timeline for my situation?

5. Questions Regarding a Contested Divorce

If you and your spouse disagree on important issues, or there is a high level of animosity or anger involved, you will likely need the help of an experienced divorce lawyer to represent you through mediation or litigation as you seek to reach a conclusion. If no agreement can be made through informal mediation, the case will go to court and a judge will make a final decision regarding the various aspects of your divorce. These may include child custody, spousal support, and division of property. It is important to ask your divorce attorney about what you can expect in a contested case, and how you can seek a beneficial outcome if the case goes to court.

Some questions you can ask include:

  • How do you prepare for a contested case that goes to court?

  • Can I seek a solution through mediation even if my case is contested?

  • How long does a contested case usually take?

  • What should I do if I am afraid for the safety of myself or my children?

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