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Mazaheri Law Firm provides essential legal support to help families and businesses enter the United States legally. We can reunite loved ones through family visas, assist employers with their global staffing needs, and guide individuals through various immigration proceedings. Our Oklahoma City immigration lawyers offer personalized counsel through each step of the process.

We can assist with all types of immigration matters, including:

  • Family immigration: Marriage visas, fiancée visas, relative green cards, sibling-sponsored immigration, adoption immigration.

  • Adjustment of status: Changing a temporary work or family visa into permanent status

  • Naturalization and citizenship: We offer assistance with application submission, interviews, testing, and more.

  • Employment visas: We help employers secure legal immigrant status for qualified foreign workers, from skilled professionals to unskilled workers.

  • Asylum: We can help refugees seek asylum status and protection in the U.S.

  • Deferred Action: Undocumented young individuals who entered as children may be granted temporary status to seek employment

  • Investor visas: We can help qualifying businesses owners and entrepreneurs obtain visas through their enterprises.


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Leading with Knowledge, Experience & Skill

Our immigration attorneys and staff at Mazaheri Law Firm are defined by our dedication to serving clients with trusted knowledge, experience, and skill. As a client-centered practice, we maximize your comfort and security while striving for the best possible outcome.

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Our Diverse Clients

At Mazaheri Law Firm, we are known as a diverse team with an even more diverse client base. Our attorneys are multi-ethnic, bilingual, and highly regarded for our deep knowledge of immigration law. We are also well-versed in many overlapping fields that can affect an individual's immigration status, including family law, employment law, and business law. Whatever your immigration needs, we're here to take you through the necessary steps.


Some of our clients have included:

  • Highly skilled workers

  • Workers with extraordinary ability

  • Agriculture/farming landowners

  • Professors

  • Researchers

  • Religious workers

  • Foreign students attending University of Central Oklahoma, Langston University, and Oklahoma City University

  • Executives and managers

    From tech startups that need highly educated foreign talent to agricultural landowners who need seasonal workers, we are able to assist with a broad range of immigration cases across all industries.


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