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A mechanic lien is a claim against property for the value of services provided to a property owner with respect to that property. The most common instances that give rise to mechanic liens tend to involve home improvement services provided by a contractor or subcontractor. If the property owner contracts for certain services with a contractor, the work is then performed by the contractor, and if the property owner refuses or otherwise fails to pay for those services as agreed, the contractor may file a lien against the property, which may be referred to as a mechanic lien, a construction lien, or a contractor's lien. By placing a lien against the property, the contractor is attempting to secure payment of the unpaid services by using the property itself. Unfortunately, we have seen this happen to more than on unfortunate homeowner or skilled worker and brought suit based on the consequences. If you or someone you know has had problems with a contractor or not getting paid for services rendered on a home, contact our firm and we can help.