412 Million Friendfinder Accounts Leaked Due to Recent Hacker Attack

You may recall that last year, around 40 million user accounts registered at Ashley Madison, an online website promoting a “safe place” to commit adultery, were exposed to the public due to a hack and data leak. The direct result was countless divorces across the world being filed once spouses dabbling in infidelity were outed and put on the “cheater” list. Now, another hacker attack seems to have exposed a similar list of people, only this time there are ten times as many.

FriendFinder Networks Hit by Hackers

FriendFinder Networks is a widely popular adult-oriented network of online websites that cater to people around the globe. Some of the sites include private webcam show services and help people find other “swingers” in their area. AdultFriendFinder is considered to be the network’s most popular website, and it is advertised to be the “world’s largest sex” community site. Visitors to the sites must log-in using private or personal account information.

Recent news stories are reporting that hackers have cracked into FriendFinder Networks online databases and accessed about 412 million user account information logs. More than 339 million of that number came from AdultFriendFinder alone. Although being found on FriendFinder is arguably not as inflammatory as being caught on Ashley Madison, it is still not very promising, and an influx of divorces are expected.

Your Online Profile Is Still You

Whatever happens online does not simply stay online. Information stored in accounts set to private are not technically confidential. Even if FriendFinder data was never hacked, it could have likely been accessed in a divorce proceeding using electronic discovery methods and used as grounds for divorce. Once a divorce judge sees evidence of infidelity in a spouse, it is likely that that individual will lose child custody and asset division advantages in court.

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