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An employment contract is a binding legal agreement, and if either side violates its terms then a breach of contract dispute arises. In most cases, these disputes occur when either side either makes a mistake or misunderstood one or more of the outlined terms. However, when these disputes then proceed to the legal process, most often the issues of enforceability, reasonableness, and due consideration.

At Mazahari Law Firm, our Oklahoma City employment attorneys know the importance of a mutually-beneficial employment agreement. For employees, this document is the key to your livelihood, ensuring you are properly treated and compensated for your services to your employer. For employers, these documents ensure that your employees are helping your business in a way that is required and expected of them. Our expansive knowledge of state and federal employment laws make us highly qualified to help you through your breach of employment contract disputes.

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Counsel for a Wide Range of Breaches

Because each employment opportunity can be as unique as a fingerprint, employment contracts must be specialized to match them. While some contracts may be simple for simple positions, other jobs may have the need for further terms and provisions, requiring a more complex and detailed document, resulting in a higher possibility of disputes.

We may be able to help you with the following issues:

  • Breach of confidentiality

  • Breach of conduct

  • Breach of non-compete agreement

  • Breach of severance contract

  • Breach of vendor or sub-contractor contract

  • Commission disputes

  • Breach of executive compensation packages

For an employment contract to be enforceable, the contract must be within the legal laws and guidelines set forth on both a state and federal level. In addition, the terms the employer outlined must have been reasonable, and the employee must have been given enough time to give the contract due consideration before signing.


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