7 Things to Consider When Finding a Family Law Attorney in Oklahoma City

If you're about to enter a divorce or family law proceeding in Oklahoma, there are a few important things to consider. Any parent who is engaged in any dealings of family law often encounters an emotionally and often financially draining experience. These high emotional costs and financial risks associated with family law require good legal representation. How does one find a good divorce lawyer, one who knows the laws well enough and can skillfully represent your interests and rights? Finding a lawyer with whom who can communicate well with, and work through all the details of these complex situations is critical.

Make A List of What You Want

An important first step when looking for a good divorce lawyer is to figure out what you want the attorney to do for you. You might think offhand that the attorney will simply "handle your case" but this is unreasonable without providing them your expectations. Develop a good relationship with your lawyer by explaining in detail your circumstances; you need to be clear yourself about expectations.

Consider the following questions when preparing to enter a family law dealing:

  1. What level of involvement do you want? Should the lawyer run with your case and consult you only when necessary, or do you want more involvement?

  2. Are you more worried about guarding your financial interests or about keeping a strong relationship with your children?

  3. Would you be willing to look into alternative dispute resolution options such as mediation or arbitration instead of going to court?

  4. Are you considering joint custody?

  5. Is your impending divorce friendly, or will you end up arguing and fighting?

  6. Do you think you will stay in the current area where your family lives, or will you be relocating after the divorce?

  7. Is the cost of your attorney an issue?

One of the toughest challenges is narrowing the field of potential attorneys to a number from which you can select. At Mazaheri Law Firm we provide excellent representation in all areas of family law.