Employment Laws - There to Protect You

Finding a good employment lawyer in Oklahoma City can be challenging. In today's economy, it's becoming increasingly common for employers to abuse employee rights as they look for ways to cut costs. Strong legal representation is paramount to winning a legal battle. Employees face everything from employee discrimination, to sexual harassment, to unpaid overtime and wages, and wrongful termination. A "hostile work environment" may simply be a pattern of wrongful communications directed towards the claimant. A subtle but common type is sexual harassment; when left unchecked it creates an uncomfortable situation in the workplace that can be actionable. Discrimination based on gender, race, and/or national origin can be unfair and is protected under the law, as more people recognize its abusive nature and impact.

Our experience pertaining to employment laws in Oklahoma City covers a range of problems that have affected both the employee and employers. We encourage you to contact us if you feel that you have a valid claim so that we may fight to protect your rights and/or your business. Unfortunately, too often victims face termination based on whistleblower retaliation and harassment after their voices are squashed by their employers. This is not right.

Mazaheri Law firm provides compassionate and competent legal services from Oklahoma City employment lawyers, and holds employers responsible for abuses of employment law. We file suit on behalf of employees in Federal and State Court and strive for a fast and agreeable remedy. Federal and Oklahoma laws are complex and confusing. Focusing on the prevention and/or specific breach of employment laws can be tedious and frustrating for the average employee or employer. Mazaheri Law Firm understands the helplessness felt by a victim of unlawful discrimination or frivolous employment law suits.

Employment and discrimination laws contain general prohibitions against: 

  • sexual harassment

  • race discrimination

  • age discrimination

  • and differential treatment on the basis of religion, national origin, or retaliation for reporting or making complaints regarding discrimination.

If you believe you have been discriminated against by your employer or feel like an employee has unfairly accused you of wrongful termination, get an Oklahoma City employment lawyer today.