Looking into Marital Separation Agreements

Separation Agreement

The moment you and your spouse sign a marital separation agreement your divorce becomes uncontested. If a divorce hearing is necessary, you can then represent yourself. You will save thousands of dollars in legal fees if you agree with your spouse to settle major issues and implement a marital separating agreement. In order to establish and enter into a marital separation agreement, you might not need advice, but may find it helpful to talk with an attorney about specific issues.

Counsel Representation

There are a few types of divorces in which legal counsel should represent both parties. This would include a highly conflicted divorce when the parties cannot agree on the settling amount of the custody or the spousal aid or when there is a confusion about marital property and what isn't marital property. Such circumstances require counsel to represent the parties.

In these crucial issues, you and your spouse should agree. You can then include your agreements in a written document. If you have a marital separation agreement, you have to present the right documents to the court and your divorce is approved. This is not just an administrative process but a court process. You simply have to submit the right documents. If your uncontested divorce in OKC is still a headache, come to us.

Legal Separation

Legal Separation

Marital separation and a legal separation are not the same. Legal separation is not a divorce and you can get it through court action. Contrary to a divorce, it does not take time to obtain a legal separation. Instead of waiting for several months, the parties may immediately fix their rights and obligations towards each other via the courts. A couple can seek legal separation and want it on religious grounds, taxes and insurance, or to get federal benefits. It results from a court order when you get a legal separation and it has all the features of divorce, other than the injunction against remarriage.

You can opt for a Marital Separation Agreement or uncontested divorce without filing it at court. You will bring it to the final hearing on divorce and it will be recorded.

What Separation Covers

  • Spouse’s right to alimony

  • Who will reside at home

  • Ownership of vehicles

  • Ownership of personal property

  • Dividing household items and furnishing

  • Dividing cash, bank accounts

  • Insurance

  • Child custody

  • Child support

  • Medical expenses

  • Credit card payment

For questions or concerns about filing your uncontested divorce in OKC, you can come to us at Mazaheri Law Firm. We will help you to complete your separation in the right way with peace of mind.

** Disclaimer: This blog content is no substitute for legal advice and in no way implies a lawyer-client relationship.