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Child Custody Laws in Oklahoma


Mazaheri Law Firm is committed to helping our family law clients protect the relationship they have with their children. Whether you are divorcing or separating, the decisions you make have a long-lasting effect on you and your children. Our Oklahoma City family law attorneys can provide compassionate, skilled representation throughout your custody case while offering realistic and level-headed solutions to your disputes.

Types of custody in Oklahoma:

  • Physical Custody - The time that each parent spends physically with each child. This is where the child will live and can affect decisions of who will likely receive child support payments.

  • Legal Custody - The responsibility a parent has in making important decisions for the child, including education, healthcare, religion, lifestyle, etc.

Custody can be awarded as sole, joint, or joint legal custody with a primary custodial parent.

How Are Child Custody Arrangements Decided in Oklahoma?

Courts will determine custody based on the child's best interests, and there is no preference for awarding custody to the mother or the father.

Factors that can influence child custody:

  • The ability of parents to care for the child

  • How active each parent is in the child's life

  • How well both parents communicate regarding the children

  • Any history of abuse or domestic violence

  • How many overnights the child will have with the parent

  • Relocation of a parent

Each case is unique and requires a customized approach when pursuing a favorable outcome. Our Oklahoma City child custody lawyers at Mazaheri Law Firm have substantial experience navigating the family courts and a deep understanding of custody laws in Oklahoma. We can explain how the law may be applied in your situation.

Can a Parent Deny Access to a Child If Child Support Is Not Paid?

Child support and child custody are two separate matters. If a parent willfully denied the other parent access to a child, he or she may be held in contempt of court and face penalties or even lose custody. There are limited circumstances in which a parent can reasonably deny access to a child, such as if the other parent poses a danger to the child. Parents facing a dispute over child support or custody should talk to an Oklahoma City divorce attorney about modifications.

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