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Your marriage might be coming to an end but your and your ex’s days of supporting one another probably are not. Most divorce agreements include some form of spousal support to ensure that no one drops into a significantly lessened standard of living or hardship. Whether you require spousal support to make ends meet or are the spouse who will be paying it, you can find legal guidance from Mazaheri Law Firm. We can guide clients with negotiating spousal support as well as modifying orders. Call us today at 405-414-2222.

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Two Types of Spousal Support in OK

Spousal support is often simplified by being described as monthly payments from one spouse to another. While this is useful when glossing over the term or legalities, it is actually only part of the full story.

In Oklahoma, spousal support is comprised of two unique support methods:

  1. Spousal Maintenance - A temporary court order that instructs one spouse to pay the other a certain amount, usually low, while the divorce is being processed; spousal maintenance ends once the divorce is finalized.

  2. Alimony - If the court deems it necessary, alimony will be awarded to one spouse, paid by the other, after the divorce finalizes; alimony can last for a few months, several years, or until the alimony receiver remarries or passes away.

Both spousal maintenance and alimony are meant to keep the spouse that was not the primary breadwinner living comfortably, despite the sudden change in their available income. Be sure to review your finances and the records provided by your ex-spouse to determine if one or the other, or both, forms of spousal support will be necessary in your divorce case.


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