Do You Know about Bird Nesting Divorce Agreements?

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A bird nesting divorce agreement refers to a temporary plan, according to which parents agree to share their home. They turn to stay with the children in the family home. When the parents are off duty, they usually live in another house.

Here's a brief overview of how the divorce plan is functioning.

When it is time for Parent A to go to the marriage home with the children, parent B lives in a separate home.

When it's time for Parent B, with the kids, he or she goes home, while Parent A goes to another place. For more detail, contact our child custody lawyers in Oklahoma City at Mazaheri Law Firm.

Both parents turn to live with their children. This pattern continues to age the youngest child. The house is then sold with the two partners receiving earnings by the marriage agreement. Also, one parent may decide to buy the other's share, which means that the marital house is fully owned.

Birdnesting Plan Advantages

There are several positive reasons why a bird nesting plan may be considered for couples who are parents.


Keeping your marital home and renting a small studio or a bedroom apartment can cut the costs of your post-marital accommodation.

This is usually the largest expense each one of you incurred after divorce.

The associated costs are also incurred for being second — refunds for renting a smaller site, such as cable TV and utility services, etc.

The need to decide at once as if we were to keep or sell the home may also be eliminated. Alternatively, where are one or both of us supposed to live?

Making such a life-changing decision can have unintentional financial consequences in the throes of divorce. Moreover, if you don't think clearly, both in the short and long term can harm you financially.

It may also be that the housing market is down if you have a divorce so that you can sell it at once, either or not.

Moreover, if anyone of you wants to keep the house but only needs to refinance it on your name, your loan holder might need a period after your divorce to count it to your income requirements.

A divorce mediator or child custody lawyers in Oklahoma City, would sit with you both and work with you on a detailed budget of your spousal and post-marital expense alongside anything related to that nesting plan.

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As parents, the welfare of your children is your primary concern (or should be). Without upsetting their new arrangement move them to a new house known to them could be the principal driving factor of a bird nesting plan.

This is a frequent subject for discussion with our divorce coach by our clients.

A teenager may feel bitter with the attention shifting fact that comes up with your divorce and keeps them away from their friends. You can ask them to stay at the marital home. Thus they can see their friends around as well as parents, and it would not embarrass them after your divorce.

You may not be ready to go, finally. So even for some time living in the partner’s house can fulfill your emotional need as an adult.

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