The History of Divorce in the United States of America

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Although divorce may not have the same stigma as it used to be, in many parts of America it is still a delicate subject. Indeed, as we shall see in the whole article, the attitudes of the general population throughout the history of the country and in the law that have changed dramatically.

What used to be a prohibited practice and what was used as a last resort is now quite common. Some 29% of marriages are 'disrupted' and in many cases result in divorce. Oklahoma, infamously, has the highest divorce rate in the U.S. at 65%. However, how has the law on divorce over time changed?

Divorce in the Colonies

The Colony of Massachusetts Bay, which set up a tribunal to deal with such cases in 1629, was one of the earliest instances of divorce law. The process is relatively simple: divorce for adultery, desertion, and impotence were allowed to this group of people. This approach was modeled by the northern colonies, but the southern colonies typically did their best to prevent divorce.

19th Century

In the middle to the end of the nineteenth century, the rates of divorce in the U.S. rose relatively rapidly, with Americans obtaining more divorces annually than were granted across Europe. The increase in divorce rates can be caused by lowering prices and facilitating divorce for people with limited resources. In the past, mainly the middle and high-class divorces were granted because of its costs.

In the early 20th century, the rate of divorce continued to rise. Three pairs per thousand were divorced in 1890 and eight couples per thousand divorced by 1920.

20th Century

By the end of 18th century, several states or sites like Indiana, Utah, and the Dakotas had been established, where you could go and get a divorce. Many cities have provided accommodation in this trade, restaurants, bars, and events. The first compilation of divorce statistics at the federal level in 1887 was ordered by Congress to see what the problem was.

The Conference on Marriage and Divorce was held in the Inter-Church Conference in 1903 in an attempt to use religion to minimize divorce. In the 1920's marriages, which allowed a couple to try a legal form of marriage without being married, without children and financial commitment for a lifetime were established.

From 1975 to 1988 in the USA, in families with children, the National Center for Health Statistics reports that in about two-thirds of cases, women file for divorce. 71.4% of the cases were filed by women in 1975, and 65% in 1988.

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21st Century

The average duration of a marriage in the USA today amounts to 11 years. 90% of all divorces are remedied. Studies show, however, that couples with lower incomes are more likely to get divorced than pairs with more income. For highly educated couples, the divorce rate is 11 %, and for low-income couples, the divorce rate is 17 %.

Family Court

In the 1950s, the system of the Family Court was established in response to the fact that the traditional court system involved increasingly numerous divorces. Divorce lawyers and family lawyers began to appear with the changes in Family Court. Nearly every major city in the country participated in this system within a short time.

Modern Times

All the past struggles and strange divorce practices have led us into the divorce system we know today. It may cost much more (between $15,000 and $30,000 to be exact), but overall it gives those who want to divorce far more options. It just shows how many bumps must be lightened before a practice reaches a final shape. No guarantee exists that divorce always exists as we know it today, but it's essential to know how the process reached this stage.

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