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  • Tips to Make a Blended Family Work

    Having a blended family can be an incredible journey. Your new spouse brings children into an already positive equation, allowing the family to merge and blossom in ways you previously might not have experienced. As exciting as this is, this happy circumstance is not without its own challenges. Adjustments always require some time, patience, and planning. Here are some helpful tips for you to keep ...
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  • Is Adoption the Right Choice for You?

    Adoption is a beautiful and rewarding experience that can enrich the lives of parents and children involved. Being able to provide a child in need with a stable home and unconditional love and care is truly one of the greatest joys of adoption. However, the decision to adopt should never be taken lightly. Whether you are adopting as first-time parents or would like to grow your existing family, or ...
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  • Outlining the Adoption Process in Oklahoma

    Adoption is commonly regarded as one of the most sincere and beneficial legal processes in all of family law . While many states are applauded for making the adoption process simple and quick, allowing the placement of children in loving homes to be simple, Oklahoma has a bit of a negative reputation. Stacks of paperwork and legalese tend to confuse or discourage potential adopters from beginning ...
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