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Blog Posts in July, 2018

  • Who Gets the Dog? Oklahoma Divorce & Pet Ownership

    Separating couples need to make many complicated decisions during the divorce process. It’s not uncommon for conflict to arise from the distribution of assets and property . But what happens when a pet is involved? To many, pets are family members and long-time companions. Divorce negotiations can quickly turn ugly when ownership of the family dog is on the line. Unfortunately, the court doesn’t ...
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  • Oklahoma Senator Addresses the Separation of Immigrant Families

    On July 11, 2018, Oklahoma Senator James Lankford addressed the Senate in support of President Donald Trump’s request for new immigration legislation. While Senator Lankford has been pushing the administration to keep immigrant families together, he believes the issue of “fake families” must be dealt with before any constructive legislation can be passed. According to Senator Lankford, there has ...
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