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  • The #MeToo Movement & Employment Law

    Last year, celebrity scandals pushed the #MeToo movement to center stage, drawing the public eye and empowering sexual assault victims to speak up about their own experiences. This campaign has not only made a significant impact on the lives of victims but has also led to a spike in employment law cases. More and more victims of workplace discrimination are coming forward because they feel ...
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  • #MeToo: Sexual Harassment & the Workplace

    The news has been abuzz with stories of sexual harassment and abuse victims speaking up and fighting back. From the viral hashtag campaign #MeToo, to the “Time’s Up” movement at the Golden Globes, to the men and women who are speaking out against leaders and politicians, sexual harassment is a trending topic. Unfortunately, sexual harassment is a widespread problem, especially in the workplace. It ...
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  • Do Employers Have To Let Their Employees Take Religious Holidays Off?

    According to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, businesses that have 15 or more employees have to make reasonable accommodations for their employees’ religious observances. This means that if a covered employer can reasonably accommodate an employee’s request for a religious observance, they must do so. Anti-discrimination laws in some states might even cover religious accommodations for ...
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  • Pregnancy Discrimination & Your Rights

    Under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) of 1978, pregnant employees must not be discriminated against in the workplace. However, the PDA only applies to companies with 15 or more employees. If you work at a company with less than 15 employees, you will need to look at your regional Department of Labor Women’s Bureau office to understand your rights. Under the PDA, you are protected from a ...
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  • What Can I Do if My Employer Breached My Contract?

    If you have an agreement with your employer, they should never breach that contract, but alas, this is not a perfect world. Business can be unmerciful, but when you are mistreated in this manner, there are legal courses of action you may take. Below we’ll discuss what an employer breach of contract is and what you can do about it. What Is an Employer Breach of Contract? Just like any formal ...
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  • The Two Types of Sexual Harassment Claims

    Sexual harassment is an unfortunate problem that still exists in workplaces everywhere. When you get to the point where you feel the need to file a sexual harassment claim, it’s important to know what the law says about this issue, as it will help you make a better-informed decision on how to proceed. An Oklahoma City employment attorney can also help you to take the necessary steps and see to it ...
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  • New Overtime Laws Might Not Go Into Effect Under Trump

    President-Elect Donald Trump has made it very clear that he will repeal numerous orders and laws implemented by President Barack Obama when he takes office, and one such law may be the new federal overtime regulations that were set to go into effect on December 1, 2016. The implementation was delayed due to an injunction by a federal judge, noting that the new laws could not go into effect until a ...
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  • Attorney Vizcaino Selected for 2016 Super Lawyers® Rising Stars℠ List

    Mazaheri Law Firm considers itself to be lucky to have Associate Attorney Christine Coleman Vizcaino on our team. We know she is a truly talented, intelligent, and dedicated Oklahoma City employment law attorney. With her recent selection to the Super Lawyers® Rising Stars℠ 2016 members list, the whole state will know how great she is as well. We would like to take this time to congratulate her ...
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  • Big Changes Coming to Overtime Pay Laws, Including Doubled Salary Threshold

    Back in 1938, the Fair Labor Standards Act set the guidelines for overtime pay for hourly and salaried workers. Since then, inflation and the cost of living have both increased significantly, but salaried overtime earnings has not. In order to bring overtime laws up to modern speeds, President Obama has recently signed a bill into law that will make large changes to the legislation. Come December ...
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