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Blog Posts in April, 2015

  • Are there exceptions to workplace discrimination law in Oklahoma?

    This blog has previously noted the discriminatory employment practices that are forbidden by federal and Oklahoma law. We have also discussed some of the methods by which employees can protect their rights under those laws. We have also touched on the fact that some exceptions exist, such as for parents employing their children. Beyond these topics, it may be important to note that Oklahoma also ...
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  • Oklahoma-based University faces Justice Dept. lawsuit

    This blog has previously discussed that some employment discrimination situations can be reported to the federal government for investigation. An institution of higher learning in Oklahoma is about to find out exactly what that looks like. Southeastern Oklahoma State University has been named as a defendant, along with the Regional University System of Oklahoma, of a suit filed by the U.S. ...
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  • Is there a defense to sex discrimination in hiring practices?

    As we have discussed previously, federal civil rights law forbids most employers from discriminating against employees on the basis of sex, either in the workplace or in hiring or promotion decisions. As with most legal subjects, however, there are some limited defenses that can be raised by those accused of engaging in discrimination. The usual defense to a claim of sex discrimination is that the ...
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  • Transgender employee accuses college of discrimination

    The United States Justice Department has filed a lawsuit against Southeastern Oklahoma State University over violations of the Civil Rights Act. The lawsuit claims a transgender employee at the college was a victim of discrimination and retaliation. The employee worked as an assistant professor at the college as a man. After the employee began presenting herself as a woman, she claims she was ...
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  • What are COBRA benefits for Oklahoma workers?

    The past few years have brought the issue of health insurance coverage to the forefront of many people's minds. Because the great majority of workers are covered under a group insurance plans negotiated by their employers, coverage is, for many Oklahoma workers, inextricably intertwined with their jobs. But what happens when a person loses his or her job? Does he or she lose not only wages, but ...
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  • Wrongful termination in Oklahoma: settlement or litigation?

    Let's say you have been working for an employer for a number of years. Your performance reports have been acceptable, and, as far as you know, your supervisors and their bosses have been satisfied with your abilities. Then, unexpectedly, you are terminated from your position. You may be experiencing many conflicting emotions: surprise, anger and betrayal, not to mention the stress of suddenly ...
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