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Blog Posts in October, 2014

  • Wrongful termination claims in Oklahoma may be complicated

    Various laws, both at the state and federal level, protect Oklahoma employees from multiple forms of discrimination and wrongful termination. Given the dizzying array of statutory and regulatory issues, added to the veritable alphabet soup of acronyms, and it may be difficult to know where to even begin. Your first step should be to identify exactly how you may have been wronged by your employer. ...
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  • What employment rights do members of the military have?

    Residents in Oklahoma might have heard about the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), which serves to protect employees who have to leave work for a certain length of time due to illness, pregnancy or other specific reasons. This form of employee protection helps several employees in the state, and some might question if there are other programs that could benefit employees as well. A less-well ...
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  • OK pregnancy discrimination is the same as gender discrimination

    Many Oklahoma residents are likely aware that employers are forbidden by law to discriminate on the basis of gender in both the hiring process and after an employee is working for that employer. What might not be as widely known, however, is that part and parcel of the prohibition against gender discrimination is that employers also cannot discriminate based upon the condition of pregnancy. The ...
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  • Alleged religious discrimination case heads to U.S. Supreme Court

    As the population and its beliefs grow more diverse in Oklahoma, and a larger pool of people from different racial and religious groups seeking employment increases, it's possible that there will be employment discrimination. The law has attempted to put rules for anti-discrimination in place to prevent this from happening and punish the offenders if it does. However, there are instances when it ...
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  • Overtime and minimum wage violations are "wage theft"

    According to a study by the Economic Policy Institute, almost $1 billion was recovered in 2012 by legal or regulatory action from employers who paid their employees less than minimum wage. And, if a 2009 study that concentrated on three cities were to be extrapolated nationally, the amount that low-wage workers lose to wage theft may be in the vicinity of $50 billion per year. "Wage theft" is a ...
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