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Blog Posts in December, 2014

  • How do I enforce a minimum wage claim in Oklahoma?

    Both Oklahoma and federal law requires that employers pay employees at least the minimum wage. Employers are generally defined as being those businesses or people who employ more than 10 workers in one place or who do more than $100,000 in annual business. There are some exceptions that apply to specific individuals, such as farmers and ranchers, part-time workers, people who are under a certain ...
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  • Oklahoma City doctor accused of sexual harassment

    A doctor who runs an Oklahoma City abortion clinic, as well as owns several area motels, has been accused of sexual harassment. These are not the first accusations leveled against the doctor, who has been in court before facing both civil suits and criminal charges. However, it does not appear that he has been convicted of a crime. The latest allegations come from a former employee, who claims ...
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  • For what reasons must an Oklahoma employer allow time off?

    Oklahoma is what is commonly called an at will state when it comes to employment law. This means that, as a general matter, employers can terminate, or fire, an employee at any time for any or no reason. There are however, some limitations of this power that management has, which are found in both state and federal law. For example, an employee who has a contract cannot be fired except for those ...
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  • Oklahomans who are "illegal" still must be compensated fairly

    Immigration in general, and "illegal" immigration in particular, seem to be hot subjects across the United States. The arguments for and against comprehensive immigration reform fill the airwaves from coast to coast. Regardless of your opinion on these issues, whether you are an employer or an employee, there is one thing Oklahoma residents should understand: wage and hour laws apply to everyone. ...
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