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  • How Could a Postnuptial Agreement Benefit Me?

    While they might not be the most romantic contracts, postnuptial agreements can be extremely important tools when it comes to protecting your interests and establishing expectations in a marriage. Anyone going into a marriage expects that marriage to last, and to some, a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement might seem like more of an insurance policy than anything else. While it is true that these ...
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  • What Mistakes Do Dads Commonly Make During Divorce?

    Divorce is a hectic, chaotic, and emotional experience for many fathers. Affection for your former spouse can quickly become hostile. Although you might feel justifiably angry, such a state of mind can lead to reckless actions that can negatively impact your divorce proceedings. This is why it is vital you become aware of the mistakes many fathers make during their divorce. According to The ...
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  • Social Media and Divorce

    Over the past decade, social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have exploded in popularity. These web and mobile applications have changed how we share pictures to who we keep in contact with. What many people may not know is that social media is beginning to play a growing role in divorce cases across the nation. In fact, a google search for “Facebook divorce” will call up ...
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  • Dating During Divorce

    If a marriage has broken down, exploring new and prospective romantic interests can seem like a breath of fresh air. While beginning another relationship may feel like the right move, dating during a divorce can have serious consequences. Remember, until a divorce is finalized, you and your spouse are legally married. Introducing a new relationship into the picture before the final papers are ...
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  • Marriage - Blog Series 3 of 3

    This blog wraps up the three part wedding-themed series. Marriage can trigger many life-changing events. Now that the marriage license is official, and your new last name is legal, there are still other options many brides may want to consider. The Mazaheri Law Firm can save any newly-we d from drowning in the details. We would love to provide you with our normal checklist-style approach; however, ...
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  • From Miss to Mrs. - Changing Your Last Name Blog Series 2 of 3

    June marks the arrival of the beloved wedding season! The bliss of a beautiful ceremony, coupled with the stress that likely follows, can leave brides-to-be swimming in a sea of questions. The Mazaheri Law Firm's fast guide to obtaining a marriage license can save any bride from drowning in the details. Let's start with some basics - in order to obtain a marriage license in the state of Oklahoma, ...
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  • U.S. Supreme Court Holds Oral Arguments Concerning the Legal Definition of Marriage

    The U.S. Supreme Court recently held oral arguments for two cases involving homosexual marriage. The first, Hollingsworth v. Perry , argued last Tuesday, is a case about Proposition 8, an amendment to California's state constitution stating that California will only recognize marriage between a man and a woman. The second, United States v. Windsor , argued last Wednesday, involves the Federal ...
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