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Blog Posts in April, 2017

  • How to Tell Your Kids About a Divorce

    Ending a marriage is difficult for spouses, but even more so for children involved who lack the ability to cope with the mere idea of their parents separating. How you break the news to them can help soften the blow and make this tough time more bearable. There will likely be many more conversations with them regarding the divorce, but this first discussion will set the foundation for an open and ...
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  • What Is Divorce Mediation?

    Mediation is a commonly used method for divorcing spouses to negotiate a settlement. During this process, both spouses meet with a neutral third party called a mediator, who will try to help facilitate an agreement on certain issues. During this meeting, both spouses may also bring their respective lawyers for legal counsel. The mediator will not make decisions for either party, but rather help ...
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  • Types of Child Custody in Oklahoma

    If you choose to get a divorce and have children, you will need to develop a parenting plan, which means that you will need to adhere to one of the four types of child custody recognized by the state of Oklahoma. The type of custody that becomes part of your agreement is extremely important to your future and your ability to be involved in your child’s life, so it’s important that you know the ...
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