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Blog Posts in May, 2015

  • What is workplace 'age discrimination' in Oklahoma?

    We have spoken in the past about various forms of workplace discrimination, such as that based on race, gender or disability. We have also mentioned that federal law makes it illegal to discriminate against someone on the basis of age. But what does this mean, and to what ages does it apply? As with other forms of employment discrimination, the law does not allow employers to base hiring, firing, ...
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  • What is 'indirect discrimination' in Oklahoma employment law?

    This blog has previously discussed the fact that Oklahoma is generally an "at will" employment state, but that it is still illegal for employers to discriminate in hiring and promotion of certain categories of people, or based upon certain characteristics. These include race, religion, gender and disability. So, without some bona fide occupational requirement, it would be illegal discrimination ...
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  • Sexual harassment by employers is illegal in Oklahoma

    The late 20th and early 21st centuries have seen many changes in American society. While technology has increased at a seemingly exponential rate, changes in social norms and beliefs have also occurred. Although these social reforms have come more slowly, it is clear that progress has been made on many fronts in the fight for equality for all people. Unfortunately, problems still exist and, when ...
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  • When can wrongful termination occur under an employment contract?

    This blog has previously discussed the at-will employment doctrine in Oklahoma, and what that sometimes means for suits involving wrongful termination. To review, the at-will doctrine presumes that, absent evidence to the contrary, employers and employees intend for any employment to be for an indefinite length of time, and that either party can terminate the relationship for any or no reason ...
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  • What happens when an Oklahoma employer violates minimum wage?

    This blog had previously discussed the Oklahoma and national minimum wages, and what steps an employee who believes he or she has been paid less than what is legally required needs to take to hold the employer responsible. But what penalties does the employer face if it is found, in fact, to have violated wage laws? The answer depends upon in which forum the enforcement action has taken place. If ...
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