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Blog Posts in August, 2014

  • Oklahoma dam organization settles sexual harassment suits

    Employers have certain responsibilities to their employees under the law. One of the most important is to make certain that the work environment is free from hostility to any employee based upon his or her race, religion, ethnicity or gender. Part and parcel of this duty is to ensure that there are no unwanted sexual advances made between employees or between managers and their workers. Thus, it ...
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  • Not all "salaried" employees are exempt from overtime laws

    Many workers and employers in Oklahoma understand that the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires that certain employees be paid "overtime" wages under certain circumstances. This is usually "time-and-a-half," or 150% of the employee's normal hourly wage if the employee works more than 40 hours in a work week. Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion, amongst both labor and management, ...
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  • Oklahoma WCC may re-fire employees who filed employment lawsuit

    The Oklahoma State Workers' Compensation Commission (WCC) has been in the news quite a bit recently, and not in a good way. A lawyer for the state attorney general's office gave bad advice to the commission with regard to compliance with Oklahoma's Open Meeting Act (OMA), and then five of 16 employees that were fired by the commission in July filed a wrongful termination lawsuit, alleging ...
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  • Oklahoma Goodwill settles retaliation lawsuit

    An Oklahoma outlet for Goodwill Industries decided to pay a settlement in a case brought by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The suit involved the alleged retaliation against a worker in a Lawton unit of Goodwill after she testified in another lawsuit regarding a separate matter of sex and age discrimination. The suit claimed that Goodwill fired the employee subsequent to her testimony ...
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  • Former manager of fast-food restaurant alleges discrimination

    While few people probably spend much time thinking about it, workers throughout the nation deal with discrimination in the workplace. To be actionable in a court of law the discrimination must be based on the employee being part of a protected class. Protected classes include: Sexual orientation Pregnancy Disability Color Age Gender Race Creed National origin A worker at a popular fast-food chain ...
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