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Blog Posts in September, 2016

  • Should You Wait Until the Holiday Season is Over to Divorce?

    If you don’t pay close attention to the calendar, it will be Thanksgiving before you know it now that the autumn has officially begun. For many people unhappy in their marriage, this time of year represents an uncomfortable family law limbo. Should they file for divorce as soon as they can? Or should they wait until the holiday season closes to avoid awkward conflicts? Many might think it is best ...
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  • Social Media and Divorce

    Over the past decade, social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have exploded in popularity. These web and mobile applications have changed how we share pictures to who we keep in contact with. What many people may not know is that social media is beginning to play a growing role in divorce cases across the nation. In fact, a google search for “Facebook divorce” will call up ...
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  • Dating During Divorce

    If a marriage has broken down, exploring new and prospective romantic interests can seem like a breath of fresh air. While beginning another relationship may feel like the right move, dating during a divorce can have serious consequences. Remember, until a divorce is finalized, you and your spouse are legally married. Introducing a new relationship into the picture before the final papers are ...
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